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Join Dine Shop Play Texas..

Introducing Dine Shop Play Texas! We feature and highlight awesome towns, incredible shopping locations, unique dining spaces and can't miss entertainment opportunities! We partner with cities, towns, economic development corporations and downtown associations to curate incredible content. Our local partners submit their content directly to us, we sort, edit and publish that content on our platforms in true tourism and travel fashion. Why? To drive tourists to your unique attractions, offerings and events! Our publishing of your content changes the feel from self promotion or advertisement into an outside recommendation. Our partners receive incredible search engine boosts from their links and keywords being present on our platforms. Entry point? $1200 per year which includes up to eight submissions per month and up to four of them being published. We vowed to keep the entry point low to create a space everyone could be a part of! Ready to join?

How it works..

  1. Member submits member generated content or acquired content through portal

  2. Member submits supporting information about submittal for articles ands postings

  3. Members are required to include all accompanying links and pages to tag (all platforms)

  4. Members are permitted to submit 1 item per month to be featured 

  5. We recommend a mixture of dine shop play - events, locations, attractions etc 

  6. DSPT gathers submittals and classifies them as postings on our platforms

  7. DSPT website is first and paramount next is IG and Facebook page

  8. DSPT generates best of videos monthly to be featured on all platforms

  9. DSPT links back to partners platforms. These backlinks and  specific keyword usage creates search engine boosts.

Recent Case Study

Wylie, Texas

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